AIR-EduTech for Smart Class

AIR-EduTech for Smart Class

The AIR-EduTech project aims to devise smart interactive educational technology to make the study of difficult and abstract subject, such as high school chemistry education, more interesting and more engaging to the student learners. The intention here is to supplement the traditional chemistry curriculum with synergistic educational tools, for the students to better visualize and retain the knowledge gained in organic and general topics of Chemistry. Unlike typical AIRBook which is based on page-by-page reading, the challenge here is to create multiple AR target detections, collisions and reactions based on the movement of the tools, with the help of an ‘avatar’ assistant providing the guidance in the whole teaching and learning process.

A pilot study of the project, approved by the Abu Dhabi Education Council, has been conducted in one of the high schools’ chemistry education in the UAE. The field study is conducted based on two groups: control and experimental, with one group taught using the traditional method and the other taught with the technology-aided method. Both groups are then given the same set of tests, which has shown to yield more than 33% improvement in the intended learning outcomes of the chemistry syllabus. Additionally, the students who used the application have expressed strong interest and high satisfaction with their experience, and commended this mode of supplementary teaching in addition to the traditional method because it was more interesting and engaging to learn the subject. The details as well as the results of the work were also published in the 2016 IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (IEEE EDUCON), entitled “AIR-EDUTECH: Augmented Immersive Reality (AR) Technology for High School Chemistry Education”.


October 14, 2016


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