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Innovation is Key

We make sure to deliver a cutting edge innovative technology.

Augmented or virtual reality technology makes reality comes to live. It introduces a whole new sense of intriguing and stimulating user experience to your reality, whether it is a flyer, poster, magazine, training manual, product/object, or even the environment itself. Its purpose is to readily catch the attention of the public, easily engage the consumers, or better retain the customers, through the augmentation of useful and insightful information, which would otherwise not be possible in the real world. Unlike traditional means of constantly pushing information to the users, the technology aims to entice the users to want to pull the information themselves in an entertaining manner – a new concept coined as infotainment. This is a paradigm shift of thinking to immerse the users, via seeing, hearing and touching the reality. The moment has come to be an early adopter in exploiting the unseen; do not miss out this great and exciting opportunity.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a technology that combines the real and virtual world by overlaying a digital content on top of the real world. We create customised mobile and desktop applications that fits our clients needs. 

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a technology that takes you to a completely artificial world that consists of of virtual interactive elements. Virtual reality is usually accessed through a headset, but now you can use your smartphone to make a VR headset!

How we work


Book your meeting with us to brainstorm ideas for your next great application. Our team will help you draw a clear picture of how the application would work, and what are the various options available to suit your unique aim and purpose.


Our team will take care of designing and developing the application. From preparing the artwork to media contents and finally adding the magic of technology, all of which are set to meet your individual needs and requirements.


We ensure the application is tested, through series of validation and verification, before delivery. Constant refinements will also be carried out, via comprehensive feedback study, making sure it matches your intended objectives.


We provide dedicated support and maintenance for the delivered product for years. Also, there is always room for further development, as well as future extension, of the product encapsulated within your business portfoilo.

Here at namla software, we work closely with you through idea-generation, conceptualization, and development of the project; from preparing the unique artwork to the delivery of your smart app as well as its associated support and maintenance. Feel free to contact us if you would like to smartise your products/services, or interested to collaborate or partner with us. 

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